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Hush-Hush Brush angled concealer
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Hush-Hush Brush concealer

The Hush-Hush Brush

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You asked for it! With the same shape as our signature Cache Cream™ brush, the Hush-Hush brush has the same straight flat edge top and pointed sides, you can get better precision and with so many fine bristles can easily be buffed out for light to heavy coverage under eyes and in more precise areas. 


What is the Hush-Hush Brush?

One the the most multi-faceted and softest brush you can find in the beauty industry!

Tip and tricks

Using one side of the brush, press into your Cache Cream, and dot along the areas you want to cover and underneath your eyes. The more pressure the more product will be applied. Gently buff in downwards motions to cover and buff out to blend with skin. Define your lips and brows:  get a good amount of product on the brush. Slowly outline around your lips after applying your lip color do give a refined line. Repeat underneath and on top of brow to accentuate and highlight your brow bone. Apply smokey eyeliner: Press brush directly into the Risky compact (or eyeshadow powder) and get a good amount of product on the sharp edge of the brush. Put angle as close to your lash line as possible and smoke out in upward motions. This can work with any color or product to get a smokey line on the top and bottom lash lines.