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Are your products vegan and gluten free? Our products are made in an organic facility and are completely vegan and gluten free. Instead of beeswax, we use Shea Butter which is vegan and has a higher melting point.

How long do Carlucce products last? Approximately 14 months after opening.  Based on the ingredients used in our natural products some oxidation & emulsification occurs.  

Are your products organic and natural?  They are 98% natural and 54% organic.  All the active ingredients are derived from seed oils and natural products.  The inactive ingredients such as Mica, Iron Oxides, and Titanium Dioxide are used for binding and to add hues of color and make up less than 1% of the products.  These inactive ingredients have been tested to be harmless in the doses that are contained in our products.

Why are there no USDA Organic Certified, PETA Certified, Vegan Certified and Gluten-Free Certified labels on the packaging?  Our facility based outside of LA is Cruelty-Free Certified as well as Peta Certified. Our products are made and compounded in a Certified Organic and Natural Facility based. As a small new beauty line that is focused on small batch quality control, it takes time and a long process to get these labels. Of course, anyone can be intolerant to natural products just as easily as unnatural products so if irritation occurs, simply stop using the product.