The Importance of Clean Beauty and Household Products

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By now, a lot of us are aware of the harsh chemicals and toxins that are in many beauty, skincare and household products. Choosing to use a clean or natural alternative is always the best option, especially when you have young children and babies in your household. Most clean and “green” products are made with sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe and non-toxic. 

With your little ones running around, clinging on to you and going through various things in your house, you want to ensure that they aren’t being introduced to harmful products such as perfume or your foundation while hugging you or eating from a table you just cleaned with harsh chemicals. Here are a few clean and natural products that won’t harm you or your child.

Cache Cream

Moms, we know that you are giving your child endless kisses and love each day. If your face is constantly near theirs, the makeup you may be wearing could transfer from your skin to theirs. If you’re breastfeeding, toxins and parabens from your makeup and other beauty products may transfer from your breast milk to your baby. This being said, it is important to check the ingredients of your beauty products and ensure that things such as Butylated Compounds, Polyacrylamide, and parabens are not present. 

This is where Cache Cream comes into play. It is perfect for that mom who has her hands full and is always on the go. It is an all-in-one natural makeup product that you can use as a concealer or as a foundation. There are various shades that can all be used for light weight or heavy coverage all while nourishing your skin. The product is vegan and certified organic and natural, plus there are no Parabens or Sulfates. 

Household Cleaners

Whether it’s the fumes or the harmful ingredients in your household cleaning products, there are some serious health problems that can come from using products that may not be clean or natural. Unfortunately, a lot of cleaning product labels do not give consumers exact or enough information about what exactly goes into their products as well as how it could harm you. 

If you’re pregnant and using products that have harmful ingredients in them, you may be at a higher risk to having a child with birth defects, or you yourself may experience reactions due to chemicals and irritants. Because of the strong fumes in your household cleaning products, your baby and young children may trigger health issues that you may not be aware of until later in their lives. 

Here are some safer cleaning products you may want to consider using in your home:


Clean Beauty Brands 

What you put on your body (hair products, face wash, makeup, etc.) goes into your bloodstream and can effect your health in many ways, which is why it is important for people to realize how amazing clean beauty products are and how harmful non-clean beauty products can be for you and your children. Since a lot of the true clean beauty brands are not always sold at your local stores, you might find it hard to find brands that are selling true clean and natural products. Here are a few we recommend checking out! 

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