Carlucce Brushes-The Importance of Using Clean Makeup Brushes

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Using clean makeup such as Cache Cream is a great step in the right direction for your overall health. What some people may not realize is that you should also be using makeup brushes that are vegan, natural or organically made. If you look at the makeup brushes you use now, you may find that they are not cruelty free. Luckily, at Carlucce, we have the perfect cruelty free brushes that will perfectly apply your Cache Cream and other clean beauty products. 

The official brush for Cache Cream is the Cache Cream Brush. It has a multitude of uses. With a straight flat edge top and pointed sides, you can get better precision and with so many fine bristols can easily be buffed out for light to heavy coverage. 

To use the Cache Cream Brush gently press one side into the Cache Cream compact preferred cream or liquid foundation and start by doing light stippling under the eyes to apply the most product. Then gently buff out and stipple down the cheeks to apply a full coverage foundation. Repeat on entire of face or just in areas you want to cover. The more pressure you applied to the product, the more coverage. For contouring or bronzer, place the brush at a 90 degree angle right into the compact and make small circular motions. Once the edge of the brush has enough product, stipple the edge underneath the cheek bone, and buff in up ward motion to give a bronzed gradient effect. 

The Hush-Hush Brush has the same shape as our signature Cache Cream Brush. It has the same straight flat edge top and pointed sides, you can get better precision and with so many fine bristols can easily be buffed out for light to heavy coverage under your eyes as well as in more precise areas. 

Use one side of the Hush-Hush Brush and press into your Cache Cream, and dot along the areas you want to cover and underneath your eyes. The more pressure, the more product will be applied. Gently buff in downwards motions to cover and buff out to blend with skin. This brush is perfect to define your lips and brows. To do this, get a good amount of product on the brush. Slowly outline around your lips after applying your lip color to give a refined line. Repeat underneath and on top of your brow to accentuate and highlight your brow bone. 

To apply a smokey eyeliner, press the brush directly into the Risky compact or your eyeshadow powder of choice. Get a good amount of product on the sharp edge of the brush. Then, put the angle as close to your lash line as possible and smoke out in upward motions. This can work with any color or product to get a smokey line on the top and bottom lash lines. 

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