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What does your makeup application look like on a daily basis? Aren't you ready for it to be easier??

Everyone seems to have their way of going on about their daily makeup routine and although it might seem basic to many, some struggle with it. A lot of us have bad hair days way too often, and on some occasions, the face makeup would meltdown quicker than ice cream in the sun. 

Here are the five easy makeup tips for beginners :

1. Know Your Skin 

Knowing your skin is crucial when you are getting started with new makeup products. Understanding the needs of your face according to its type and tone will help you choose better makeup for you. So, start with answering questions like if your skin is dry or oily and if you want to add fairness to your tone or look natural. Knowing the answers to such questions will give you have the answers if you want to use an all-in-one makeup, skip all the steps. 

2. Before You Makeup

Before you even touch your foundations and concealers , you must have a suitable skin routine. If your skin is oily, then face wash preferably with salicylic acid content is great. If your skin is usually dry, then going for regular face washes will do you no harm, especially ones that are oil based as they will break down your makeup and even eye makeup.

Also, try exfoliating your skin at least once or twice a week to keep it fresh. Good practices such as this will keep your skin clear of toxins. A good skin routine will help you immensely if you want to go with natural makeup.

3. Eyes Come First

One tip that should be made compulsory among all the makeup beginners is to do eye makeup first and then go on to the face. Using eyeliner and mascara will never be perfect at first attempt and you will make mistakes. All this is going to ruin your face makeup and removing it will also spoil all the work you put in on your face. So, start with the eyes and correct any mistakes and fix them right away. You can then continue to use the makeup on your face. This is one of my favorite tips as a makeup artist.

Do make sure to use the right makeup for your eyes and if they are clean. Many brands use products on animals to check it's working, but it wouldn’t always show similar results to humans. Also, we cannot deny that it is plain cruel to innocent beings. Go for PETA approved makeup, and discourage this practice. Hey, why not use clean beauty as well!

4. Your Makeup Brushes  

Give your makeup brushes special attention as it is the equipment that can make your work on your face look good or bad. Wash them after every few makeup sessions and before putting them back in the drawers or makeup bags leave them out to dry. It is also crucial to mention light and good quality makeup brushes for your skin as they are considered the best to use on skin. The Cache Brush along with non toxic makeup can help one get amazing results when starting with the process. 

5.Choosing the Right Lip Gloss

People often think of choosing vibrant colors for their lip gloss, but if you are someone who is looking for natural makeup as a beginner, then make sure to use the lip gloss that is natural to your lip color tone. By making sure that you use such tones on your lips, your natural makeup will blend completely with the lip gloss you use. With natural brands like Carlucce, you will never fall short of options to find the right shade of color for your makeup. 

So, these are our five easy makeup tips that can help you get started with makeup. Try them out and you will see immense improvements in your makeup results!

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