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Press Release

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Carlucce Brand released their new improved cache cream makeup collection this summer. Vegan, gluten free, natural makeup made with organic ingredients is set to be a favorite for health conscious people who also love to have beautiful skin. The L.A. based makeup line has found a formula that gives you a full coverage makeup, concealer and a light foundation all in one. Founder, Carla Abruzzo whom is also a renowned makeup artist says she was fed up with using makeup on her clients that she knew in her heart was actually hurting their skin. Carla states, that this is makeup with benefits! After many hours in the lab the Carlucce Brand released an array of skin perfecting colors and shades for all skin tones and skin types. Anyone who wears makeup knows how hard it is to find a brand that is not toxic that actually works. Not only does this makeup work but it also has many health benefits for the skin and the environment.


To open an account with the Carlucce brand you can contact
The Director of Sales and Strategy Amy Rae @
For press inquiries, please contact Amanda Archer @ Visit our website @

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